Project Management Consultation (PMC)

as the PMC consultant (project management consultancy)

we delivered a broad scope of services; including basic & detailed engineering design review, periodic report, process engineering, planning/reporting, cost estimate, procurement assistance and contraction management on site and project close-out.


Purpose of supervision

Ensure construction work is in accordance with Construction Engineering Design, Control Materials, Experts and Standards that can be applied in the Work.

Guarantee the implementation of construction with quality/accurate quality, on time, within the available budget limits

Ensure project activities (administrative and technical) from the start of implementation to project closing are carried out in a good and organized Project Management.

Our Capability in PMC

Oil & Gas Facilities

• PMC for Gas Pipeline
• PMC for Fuel (BBM) Pipeline
• PMC for Onshore Surface Facilities
• PMC for Petrochemical Plant
• PMC for Fuel (BBM) Terminal in Airport
• PMC for Pipeline Repair / Replacement

Geothermal Facilities

• PMC for Well Pad Facilities (Separator, AFT/Silencer, Rock Muffler, Piping & Pipeline)
• PMC for Geothermal Pipeline from Well Pad to Power Plant.