Stress Analysis, Simulation and Modelling (FEA/FEM, pipe stress analysis, CFD)

Equipment and Structural Integrity is one of important things in Oil & Gas Service asset.

In order to evaluate structural integrity based on load and material strength during design or operational stage, Our service can provide simulation using Finite Element Method for structural assessment, pipe stress analysis, fluid flow simulation (CFD) and Multiphysics simulation (Fluid Stucture Interaction). All those simulation is conducted to give technical recommendation to ensure equipment safety factor is achieved during early design, design modification and operation.


Our Capability

Oil & Gas Facilities

• Piping Stress Analysis for Onshore & Offshore facilities.
• Flow line / trunk line, transmission, and distribution Pipeline Stress Analysis
• Detail Finite Element Analysis (FEA/FEM) for pressurize equipment and storage / Tank.
• Pipeline Flow Simulation for Gas, Oil and Multiphase fluid (Flow Assurance Assessment) at onshore and offshore facilities.
• Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis for Structural component.
• Multiphysics (Structural and Fluid Interaction) Finite Element Modeling for Critical Component.

Geothermal Facilities

• Piping Stress Analysis at Well Pad.
• Pipeline Stress Analysis from Well Pad to Power Plant
• Flow Simulation & Optimization for Steam, Brine and Condensate Pipeline
• Structural Pipe Support Stress Analysis